Mega Mind Knowledge Bowl Teams

Nine Colorado High School KB Teams

About Mega Mind KB Teams:

Nine northeastern Colorado schools belong to this group- Berthoud, Fossil Ridge, Liberty Commons, Fort Collins, Loveland, Rocky Mountain, Roosevelt, Thompson Valley,  and Windsor.   



What is Knowledge Bowl?

Knowledge Bowl is an academic sport that challenges students on their knowledge and processing speed over a wide range of subjects such as math, science, social studies, literature, art, sports, music, grammar, etc. . ..  High schools assemble knowledge bowl teams.  This activity contains similarities to the popular and long-running television show, Jeopardy!©  Even the more educated adults are at times stumped by the difficult questions posed during Knowledge Bowl events!  The students that excel in Knowledge Bowl possess great smarts and quick thinking! 

Beginning in the fall, KB team coaches hold practice sessions with their teams by quizzing them with questions drawn from question banks supplied, in Colorado, by The Great Auk©.  A number of meets are held among teams belonging to their own league.  In this case, Mega Mind KB Teams will hold meets only with other member teams.  Mega Mind KB does welcome teams from outside our league; however, we like to know you are coming by September so we can order Pristine Questions that will not conflict with other meets.

At competitions, each school brings a number of four member teams to compete.  First, all members work with their own teams on the written round.  The written round determines the organization of the teams seeded in the first oral round.  During oral rounds, three teams are placed per room.  A reader reads out questions while a timer keeps track.  There is a fixed amount of time to answer the question.  Any one of the teams can choose to answer and buzz in first.  If the question is answered correctly, a point is awarded to that team.  If the wrong answer is given, the other two teams are given a chance to answer the question correctly to gain points.  The meet is arranged like a tournament so the teams face off different teams after each oral round and work their way up to the top based on number of points scored. The team with the most points wins.

In early spring, the Regional event is held where the league's teams vie for the most points in order to go on to State Championships. Each division from the league is represented at State.

During late spring, the Colorado State Knowledge Championships are held at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO.  Usually, there are roughly 60 teams present.  The winning teams from this competition may go on to the national competition held in Washington, D.C. 

KB History:

Wouldn't you know? Knowledge Bowl began right here in our home state!

Here is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article:

Knowledge Bowl originated in 1976 as a project within a small educational service cooperative (San Juan Board of Cooperative Services) in Durango, Colorado. It began in response to a group of area student body leaders who asked if the organization would develop and host some kind of competitive academic activity involving excellent students. The first meet held in Pagosa Springs involved just three high schools. Within two years, it evolved to include scores of invitational meets in addition to regional competitions and a Colorado state championship that has been held annually ever since. The event soon attracted educators from Minnesota, Washington, and South Dakota who initiated the activity in their home states.

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